We work with clients to develop an overall financial plan that encompasses investments, retirement planning, insurance and taxes.
One size doesn’t fit all and the same goes for your investments. We look at each client individually and tailor your portfolio based on your goals and financial timeline. We take the time to develop a rich understanding of your individual goals and objectives in order to find the best investment strategies for your specific needs.
We assess what type of insurance vehicles are currently in place, if any, and decide if they properly match up with the client’s goals in achieving safety and preservation.
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what we do

At Rizzotto Wealth Management we are guided by your goals and objectives and not obligated to any single product or company. We look at your complete financial picture in order to serve your needs as a whole. Through all phases of life, we can help you establish the appropriate portfolio to help you pursue your financial goals. We are committed to assisting our clients every step of the way when it comes to investing, retirement, income planning and taxes.

who we are

We pride ourselves on being a close knit, community minded firm that can handle all aspects of your financial picture. Transparency and communication are extremely important to us and we strive to provide exemplary customer service, while displaying the highest standard of ethics and professional knowledge.

Are You Tired of CD & Money Market Rates?

Ask us about these guaranteed rates.

3 Year – 6.35% 1st Year
5.35 Years 2-3

5 Year – 7.00% 1st Year
6.00% Years 2-5

6 Year – 7.20% 1st Year
6.20% Years 2-6

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our portfolios

Dividend Income Portfolio

Growth Portfolio

Tech Portfolio

Biotech Portfolio

We utilize the latest data and trends to build portfolios with specific focuses such as dividends, growth, income, technology, biotech & more. We can specifically tailor our portfolios to your unique goals and risk preferences and often use a blended approach to suit the needs of each of our clients.

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